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The Mecsek Rally’s locations: Hetvehely

On the border of Mecsek and Zselic:

One of the race venues of the 55th Mecsek Rally will be Hetvehely again this year. Every year, the atmosphere of the settlement, which is surrounded by Mecsek, touches the lovers of the sport as well. In 2022, the Hetvehely – Golgota Special Stage will reaches the village (twice on Saturday). But it is not only because of the competition that it is worth visiting Hetvehely. The local government sent us a short summary of the interesting things, sights and programs in the area.

Geographically, the village is located at the junction of Mecsek and Zselic, but it is part of Zselic. It is located 25 km from the county seat. It is possible to get there by rail and road. On the latter it can be reached through the picturesque landscapes of the Mecsek, on the one hand through Orfű and Abaliget, and on the other hand on Kővágószőlős, Bakonya route; and from Sásd through Oroszló. Hetvehely and the nearby villages of Zselic are characterized by a succession of hills and valleys. Despite the more difficult terrain conditions, the village shows the picture of care. The maintenance of public spaces and houses are also paid great attention to by the local government and the residents.

The locals are proud of their history and regularly cultivate their traditions. With good organization and cooperation, the village has embarked on the path of accelerated development in recent years. Infrastructure and institutional efficiency are the first places in urban development the resettlement of entrepreneurs, the creation of conditions for tourism. The village operates a primary school, a kindergarten, a doctor’s office, a sports hall and a service house able to house a total of 18 people in its 4 rooms. In addition to the Roman Catholic church, there is also an Árpád-era church in the village, but we also have a visitable country house, and a fishing lake for further relaxation opportunities, both to locals and guests respectfully.