Rally is dangerous! The obvious dangers are exaggerated in a car race on an open terrain or on public roads such as our passionately loved rally. You love the race, and the riders love the race – in a race like this, everyone finds their calculation. The theater and its audience, rally sports and its fans belong together, they are enthusiastic about the same things, so we can only have one common goal:

Exciting and accident-free Mecsek Rally!

To do so, you can do the most and you have to do the most.

So never forget that:

The speed stages of the races are closed racetracks on which the competitor has the right and obligation to go as fast as possible. Racing cars can use both sides of the road, and riders have the right to fall.
The tapes placed on the edge of the track draw attention to the places and areas that are extremely dangerous. Please do not stand directly behind the tapes as they are signs of direct danger.

It is forbidden to drink alcohol along the racetracks, because it dissolves the inhibition, makes irresponsible, aggressive and teasing.

After closing the course, it is forbidden to walk or drive on the race track or very close to it. You should also know that there are leading cars ahead after the closing car, but in front of the field, which you can identify from their start number, the decrease in the number of zeros (0000, 000, 00, 0). These cars are already at race speed!

Please always follow the notices and instructions of the police and the directors and sports judges in SAFETY vests!

To protect your own life and physical integrity, never stand:

– the outer curve of the bends
– areas next to and after bumps (teasers)
– to the braking zone at the end of long straight lines
– on a bench behind which an escape route is not provided
– the area around and after retarders
– do not bring small children to competition, or only by hand, under constant parental supervision
– pay increased attention to both the start and the finish area.

With these recommendations, we would like to draw your attention to the dangers that, with your help and assistance, can be avoided. As a director, together with the competitors, we will do our best to take care of you, but there is nothing we can do if you do not take care of yourself.

We wish everyone good fun, accident-free cheering!