The Mecsek Rallye’s locations: Komló

Dear guests! Dear sports friends!

I would like to welcome you on behalf of the people of Komló!

Fortunately, after the vicissitudes of the past few years, there are many who are returning to us. Everything in Komló is given for a perfect competition with a good atmosphere: picturesque bends in the valleys of the Mecsek, hospitable surroundings, numerous accompanying programs and above all an enthusiastic and sports-loving audience.

There may be those who find it strange that as a small town we are hosting such a significant competition. For us, however, it is natural that we serve as a venue for national programs, and in many cases even beyond national borders. Whether it’s sports or culture, we try to create the widest possible spectrum.

An important piece of this motley mosaic is the car race. The roads of Mecsek have been attracting the people to racing almost since the first cars appeared. Therefore, there are long-standing traditions of rallying in and around Komló, in addition to the numerous competitors, many people also follow the sport as fans.

There are also a lot of people who come to us from abroad. I tell them to take some time to explore the area during the breaks of the races. The picturesque tourist trails of Mecsek, the Sikonda valley with a special microclimate and other sights of the surrounding area can be a great complement to the competition.

I wish everyone a good time, an enjoyable recharge and above all accident-free racing.


Have fun in Komló.

Best regards,

Polics József




  • Hotel Béke Sziget (Komló, Városház square 4.)
  • Mecsekerdő Zrt. – Sikondai Apartmanház (Komló-Sikonda, Fürdő street 2.)
  • Ambient Hotel & AromaSPA (Komló-Sikonda, Fürdő utca 5.)
  • Other accommodation options nearby:


Sights, curiosities:

  • MiniZoo (Komló, Munkácsi Mihály st. 46.)

  • József Attila Városi Könyvtár és Muzeális Gyűjtemény (Komló, Városház st. 1.)
  • Komló Város Önkormányzat Közösségek Háza és Színház Művelődési Központ (Komló, 48’ square 5.)

  • Mining monuments can be found in several parts of the city

  • More useful information: