The relationship between Mecsek Rallye and Abaliget goes back decades. Although the competition causes minor inconvenience to some villagers due to road closures, perhaps even more of them like to visit the competition. Several local young people are now working in various sectors of motorsport because of their experiences during the Mecsek Rallye.

The competition also has a noticeable impact on the local economy, as drivers and their teams, as well as fans, prefer to stay in the village’s accommodations.

As some of the drivers stay in the village during the race, local residents can meet them and enjoy a lifetime experience. Another important factor is that many people also visit the commercial establishments in Abaliget before and during the race, generating more revenue for the operators.

Abaliget is known and popular throughout the country for its stalactite caves, lakes, open-air beaches and other beautiful environmental attractions, which are also promoted by visitors during the Mecsek Rally.

You can find the accommodation facilities in the village at the following link: