Honsa Ltd., in the service of the automotive industry

In 1999, the German Koller Group established its first subsidiary, Honsa Kft., In the southern part of Pécs. In the last two decades, we have grown into a leading international auto parts manufacturer not only in Pécs and Hungary, but also in the world. We are a market leader, our products are uniquely developed, which we can flexibly adapt to customer needs. Our production technology was developed by our development engineers and specialists in Pécs. For most of our partners, we first made luggage covers, and later expanded our product range by manufacturing hat racks. Recently, we also manufacture complete luggage systems. Thanks to our employees and automated production technology, our capacity exceeds four million pieces per year. Honsa Ltd. can witness serious changes in the past decades, while stability, continuous development and quality have remained our constant values.

Our company’s mission and vision is built on the past and focused on the future.

Our mission is to be a reliable, open-minded company, building on tradition and planning for the long term, to produce high-quality trunk covers, hat racks and trunk systems for high-end car brands. With our continuous development and the expertise of our local, skilled employees, we contribute to making Pécs a part of the global automotive success.

Our vision is to further strengthen our leading position in our field, the automotive supplier market, by 2025, and to produce complete luggage systems for more and more partners.