Welcome to the 54. Mecsek Rallye!

The rally event with the greatest history in Hungary is to be organized for 54th time this year.

Dear fans, dear guests!

As the main patron of the competition, I am very pleased to be able to re-organize the Mecsek Rallye, one of the biggest competitions in Hungarian motorsport, dating back more than half a century. This race is emblematic not only for lovers of car racing, but also for the city, as Pécs has been hosting the best rally riders of the country and the continent for almost ten years.
Unfortunately, the former main organizer of the Mecsek Rally, the current father of the competition, István Jelen, can no longer be among us this year, but we would like to preserve his memory. That is why we will inaugurate a plaque in his honor during the race, trusting that many will remember the always active organizer, one of the legends of motorsport in Pécs.

As usual, in addition to the competitors of the Hungarian Rally Championship, the best of the Historic European Championship will be in Pécs this year as well, which is a real curiosity for the Hungarian fans of motorsport. This event is also of special importance to the city, because on the weekends of the Mecsek Rally, life in Pécs always comes alive, many people visit Mecsekalja due to the competition. Following the third wave of the coronavirus epidemic, this is of great importance to the people of Pécs, as it is of great help in increasing the turnover of the catering and commercial sectors battered by the pandemic.

Pécs tries to best serve the fans, who we are waiting for with colorful programs in the main square of the city. We are also preparing with special features, so in the spirit of Pécs’ green city aspirations, electric cars will also play a role among the forerunners.

I am sure that Pécs will expose itself again and, as before, will enchant our guests this year as well. I encourage you to take a walk in the city center between races, sit on the terrace of a café and embrace the incomparable, Mediterranean atmosphere of the city! Gain personal experience that Pécs is open again!

I wish our guests rich experience and pleasant recreation, and the competitors and teams a sport-like fight and an accident-free competition!

Attila Péterffy
Mayor of the City of Pécs


jún 2021
WRC2 world champion Mads Ostberg - Torstein Eriksen paired with Citroen C3 Rally2 to win the 54th Mecsek Rallye Rally1. In the second place behind the Norwegian pair, András Hadik and Krisztián Kertész, who raced in the Ford Fiesta, finished in a double with a 33.6 second lead, the third...
jún 2021
1st place: Mads Ostberg-Torstein Eriksen (Citroen C3 Rally2): We really enjoyed the race, we could go on classy speed stages, thank you to the director for the weekend, it was good! We fought serious battles and congratulated the Hungarian competitors because they dictated a serious pace. 2nd place: András Hadik-Krisztián...
jún 2021
The 54th Mecsek Rally for Historic riders is over, after completing the 11th sprint, the Italian Zippo-Piceno-Audi Quattro trio was able to stand up onto the top of the podium. 1. “Zippo” - Denis Piceno (Audi Quattro): The race was incredible, I loved it! I really liked today’s first speed...
jún 2021
After seven sprints, Mads Ostberg leads the Mecsek Rally 27.9 seconds ahead of Róbert Bútor. The third Grzyb’s disadvantage is 31.3 seconds. András Hadik is fourth, he is 3.4 seconds away from Grzyb. The Frigyes Turán are the fifth if they want to move forward, they have to be 11.8...
jún 2021
Karl Wagner- Gerda Zauner (Porsche 911): I still have trouble with the ignition, I feel like only five cylinders are going. We may not be able to keep our second place. The quality of the last special stage deteriorated, much better in the first lap. The last fast section does...



14:00-21:00 – Official test – Kővágótöttös


17:00 – Ceremonial Start- Pécs, Széchenyi square

18:00 – SS1 (Historic) – Pécsvárad

18:25 – Service R1 (Pécs, Expo Center)

19:35 – SS2 (Historic) . Pécsvárad

20:20 – Service Historic (Pécs, Expo Center)

21:03 – SS1 (R1) – Pécsvárad

21:48 – Service R1 (Pécs, Expo Center)


7:40 – Service Historic (Pécs, Expo Center)

8:28 – SS3 (Historic) – Árpádtető – Orfű

9:10 – Service R1 (Pécs, Expo Center)

9:40 – SS4 (Historic) – Alsómocsolád – Mecsekpölöske

9:58 – SS2 (R1) – Árpádtető – Orfű

10:11 – SS5 (Historic) – Zobákpuszta – Pécsvárad

11:10 – SS3 (R1) – Alsómocsolád – Mecsekpölöske

11:19 – Service Historic (Pécs, Expo Center)

11:41 – SS4 (R1) – Zobákpuszta – Pécsvárad

12:22 – SS6 (Historic) – Árpádtető – Orfű

12:49 – Service R1 (Pécs, Expo Center)

13:34 – SS7 (Historic) – Alsómocsolád – Mecsekpölöske

13:52 – SS5 (R1) – Árpádtető – Orfű 

14:05 – SS8 (Historic) – Zobákpuszta – Pécsvárad

15:04 – SS6 (R1) – Alsómocsolád – Mecsekpölöske

15:13 – Service Historic (Pécs, Expo Center)

15:35 – SS7 (R1) – Zobákpuszta – Pécsvárad

16:16 – SS9 (Historic) – Árpádtető – Orfű

16:43 – Service R1 (Pécs, Expo Center)

17:27 – SS10 (Historic) – Alsómocsolád – Mecsekpölöske

17:46 – SS8 (R1) – Árpádtető – Orfű

17:58 – SS11 (Historic) – Zobákpuszta – Pécsvárad

18:45 – Finish procedure – Pécs, Széchenyi square

18:57 – SS9 (R1) – Alsómocsolád – Mecsekpölöske

19:28 – SS10 (R1) – Zobákpuszta – Pécsvárad