Digital Notice Board is also accessible in “Sportity” application in phones and tablets. The “Sportity” app can be downloaded from Google Play or AppStore. Password: 54MECSEK must be used to enter this application. Push notifications will show if any new document is posted.

Documents to download


Invitation 2021 FIA EHRC 54Mecsek 210517 – DOWNLOAD

Supplementary Regulations for FIA EHRC 54th Mecsek Rallye – DOWNLOAD

Supplementary Regulations for Nat. R1, Historic + Mitropa Cup 54th Mecsek Rallye (entry form included) – DOWNLOAD

Itinerary – DOWNLOAD

Test info – DOWNLOAD

54th Mecsek Rallye entry deadline extension 210610 – DOWNLOAD

Entry list – DOWNLOAD

Entry list Historic OB with start number, MNASZ approved – DOWNLOAD

All maps in one file – DOWNLOAD

Attendee must return the following 3 documents to  by 18 June at the latest.

Invitation letter form – DOWNLOAD

EHRC Stakeholder Commitment – DOWNLOAD

EHRC Covered Event Attendee List Template – DOWNLOAD