The second day of the Mecsek was a success in front of many spectators

június 24, 2023

On Saturday morning, thankfuly, sunshine replaced yesterday’s clouds and the newly built
service park again welcomed the spectators and racing cars.

It was a huge disappointment for all participants, but especially for the organizers, that the
program had to be interrupted the previous day, but everyone agreed that it was the most
reasonable decision to protect the safety of the spectators and participants.
The storms had passed, and the colleagues working to organize the race had worked all night
to clear the roads in order to create suitable conditions for the racing cars. The difficulty for
the pairs was that the water logged in several places, as the track was more difficult to dry in
the roughly 10 degrees cooler temperatures compared to the previous day. Which they could
only experience at a competitive pace. In addition to the unpredictable conditions, the choice
of tires was a big gamble, and there were plenty of people who changed their choice.
On the second day, the competition started immediately with the longest track of the entire
race route, the 19.4 km Árpádtetó – Abaliget section, where the EHRC field started first.
On this day, spectators could see the entire field on three different stages in two laps, which
was joined by R2, replacing the R3 category that competed yesterday.

In R2, of the 23 starters, only 14 reached the finish line at the end of the day. Norbert
Czékmány should have been in the lead based on his time result, as he won four of the six
stages, but due to a delay he was penalized by 30 seconds. Máté Geiger took the lead from
him until he hit a decelerator on the fourth stage, for which he collected a 10-second penalty.
In the end, the Czékmány team took the lead, Geiger slipped to second place thanks to the
penalty. If he had avoided the speeding penalty, he could have beaten his rival by a tenth.
Zoltán Molnár brought in the Citroen C2 in third place.
The daily stages were opened by the Historic field, as they were the first to go through their
speed tests.
On the opening Árpádtető-Abaliget section, by the time the field had reached the end, the
track was already dry in many places, except for the wooded areas. Érdi had the best start,
then the Italian "Lucky" took the next stage from Mecsekpölöske. Érdi then ran fast times
despite the half-axle problem from them previous day had still not been resolved. Behind Érdi
and Lucky, the Austrian Wagner was in third place in the first round. This order remained at
the end of the second run, Érdi's local knowledge may have given him an advantage over
Lucky, who could not manage to catch him.

In the absolute results for the Historic, the Wirtmanns took fourth place, Érdi was first, Lucky
second, and Wagner third.

In the Hungarian evaluation, Érdi took the absolute, Wirtmann entered the Ford Escort RS in
second place, and Jenő Spindler followed them in third place.
Kalapács finished fourth best.

In the field of ORB + ORC, the first spectacular stunt soon took place, on the first stage, the
Velenczei team ended up in a ditch after covering 15 km, but luckily only the car was
damaged, as they quickly exited the race.
Hadik’s team was not lucky either, they skidded off the road and suspected that they had hit
the radiator, to eventually realize it was a turbo pipe clamp that loosened causing the loss of
turbo pressure, which they then managed to solve.
The Bodolai car was also damaged when they took a speed trap, but luckily it did not cause
any serious problems for them and they were able to reach the finish line successfully.
Today, the competitors made up for the missed stages in issues many times over, although
many would have preferred to do without them. The occasional rain made it very difficult for
part of the field. At the start of the stage in Mecsekpölöske, there was a quick downpour,
which caused serious concerns for the competitors.

The Klausz team put everything on the line and won the sprint, ahead of Vincze and Turán.
Bodogan came off and something knocked out the windshield of the Lada VFTS, but luckily
they were able to reenter and continue the race.
On the 3rd stage (Hetvehely – Golgota), Zoltán Csík’s Subaru caught fire after a missed turn,
so the starters coming behind him completed a flagged stage. The car was luckily
extinguished on the spot by the fire extinguishers of the competitors who came after them.
On the penultimate stage of the day, on Alsómocsolád, Antal Kovács crashed the Hyundai I
20 badly and thus became the last to join the ranks of fallen competitors. Everyone then
successfully passed through the final stage, and only the ceremonial finish ceremony and
award ceremony awaited the 125 finishers in Széchenyi Square, surrounded by fans, friends
and family members who welcomed them.

The ORB field was won by Ferenc Vincze and his navigator, Nándor Percze, 15.6 seconds
ahead of Frigyes Turán and Ágnes Farnadi. Behind them, Klausz Kristóf – Tamás Papp
finished in third place, while the duo Péter Ranga – Janek Czakó finished fourth. The first
place in the evaluation of the Mitropa Rally Cup was won by the Klausz.

Ferenc Vincze – (Nándor Percze)
We had never won here in Pécs, so this was a very important race weekend for us. Although it
is a bit far for us, the city is very beautiful and we come here once a year to compete. The
team did a great job over the weekend. Nándi was also great on the right side. We also owe a
big thank you to everyone who contributed to this new success.
Péter Ranga – (Janek Czakó)
I am not completely satisfied! We finished fourth, but we had several problems, for example a
half-axle break on the last lap, taking that into consideration the result was not so bad. The
stages turned out to be very good, it was a very good competition.
Márton Bertalan – (Róbert Paizs)
We are neither satisfied,nor dissatisfied. I’m disappointed that the second place slipped out of
our hands, but now we have a gravel race coming up. We are preparing seriously for it
because we love it very much.
Adrienn Vogel – (Miklós Maricsek)
I’m really lamenting the podium placement, but that's what rally is like. With these
compounds, we slid a lot on wet tracks and bled time there. Obviously, this is also room for
improvement. However, we managed to win the Árpádtetto stage, which is a very big
advantage in this tight field.

The best of the ORC field were, in order, Tamás Bacsa – Gergely Hanyik, Mihály Matics –
Viktória Zejda, Ariel Gyarmati – György Kocsis.

Ariel Gyarmati – (György Kocsis)
Our car was finished very late, we barely were able to start. This was our first competition this
year and we are very happy that we were able to reach the finish line!

As part of the award ceremony, the head of PSN Zrt., the organizer of the competition, the
president of MNASZ and the head of the MNASZ Rally Department handed out the well-
deserved cups and prizes to the competitors. The celebration ended with the unmissable
champagne splash.