Based on the decision of the Supervisory Board, the 56th Mecsek Rallye is suspended! The competition continues tomorrow.

június 23, 2023

According to the information provided by the Baranya County Disaster Management Directorate, a supercell will reach Baranya County by 8 p.m. tonight, which is expected to bring wind gusts exceeding 100 km/h.

The FIA International Sports Code Art. 11.9.3.r. point, the rally will be temporarily stopped after the Expo Service BE (TC3C).

At the end of the first lap, no one is allowed to leave the service park, it is very important that the competitors and spectators leave the speed sections and their surroundings as soon as possible!

RACING CARS do not have to be put in parc fermé, everyone can secure the car and the car’s equipment at their own discretion.

SERVICE VEHICLES must remain in the service park along with all other equipment.

The event will continue according to the route on the following day:

on Saturday, June 24 from Szerviz KI (TC 6F).

Reason: Based on the weather forecast, the sports inspectors consulted with the competition director, according to which the competitors should not continue the competition.

Storms and strong winds can pose a serious threat to competitors, officials and spectators.

The stewards would like to emphasize that the safety of all parties is a top priority and the event has been temporarily suspended based on the following.

According to article 11.9.3.r of the ISC, the supervisors have the right to stop the event for safety reasons.

12.2.3.b of the FIA International Sports Code. there is no possibility of appeal, i.e. it is binding, as it is a security issue.