The Mecsek Rallye is bidding for the title of cleanest competition environment

június 19, 2023

For the last 20 years, our events have always ended with an organised waste collection to ensure that the areas are returned to the operator, the municipality and, of course, the residents in the area in the quality expected.

Following the competition, our colleagues involved in the waste clean-up encountered everything from fridges left in the woods to Lada tanks and microwave ovens, in addition to beer cans, all of which were collected.

In the case of the „FunZones” (guided spectator points with parking, buffets, mobile toilets and DJs) implemented during the Mecsek Rallys in the last two years, we have raised the stakes even further and organised the possibility of selective waste collection at these priority spectator points during the competitions, providing the necessary equipment and logistics. Thank you to our spectators for taking advantage of this opportunity!

We would like to do this again this year, and we ask all visitors and our colleagues working at the competitions for their help!


„Protect nature, love the Rally!”