Past and present on the legendary tracks

június 14, 2023

More than half a century ago, in the summer of 1967, the first Mecsek Rally started. The competitors of the time mainly used their 25-30 horsepower FIAT, Zastava, Wartburg, Skoda and Moszkvics cars, with the odd 40-50 horsepower machines among the starters. Although this is already history, thanks to this year’s Historic field of 22 cars, we can once again reminisce in the atmosphere of previous years.

Since then, the Mecsek Rallye has become the event with the greatest history in the history of Hungarian motorsport, being the second most prestigious international event in the 2023 competition calendar of the Hungarian National Motorsport Association after F1.

The seat of Baranya County, the historic city of Pécs and the asphalt roads in the unique environment of the Mecsek Mountains are home to all the participants of the FIA European Historic Rally Championship, the CEZ, the Mitropa Rally Cup and the MNASZ HUMDA National Rally Championship.

This year, the EB and ORB teams will compete against each other on a total of 161 kilometers of tracks composing 12 stages. On Friday and Saturday competition, two sets of three different stages await the competitors, which they will complete two times each.

Thanks to Pécs being a city with county rights, the competition and all related events can be visited free of charge again this year.In addition to creating an exciting schedule for the competitors, the organizers also tried to meet the needs of the spectators and make watching the race comfortable. Organized parking awaits those arriving at the designated FanZones. „Protect nature, love Rallye!” In line with this slogan, they also organize selective waste collection, and provide a buffet and toilets. And during the breaks, commentators will ensure a good mood and deliver interesting information to the spectators.

FanZone locations on Friday: in the Kisvaszár branch, and at Hosszúhetény, at the one-lane bypass chicane.On Saturday at the beach parking lot in Orfű, and Remeterét, which can be reached from the mountain road on „Ranga László út”.

At the most beautiful spot in Pécs, Széchenyi Square, there will be plenty of attractions for the rally-loving public and passers by.Before the starting ceremony on Friday, the PTE Brass Band will tune up the mood, prior to the cars rolling over the starting podium set up here. On Friday and Saturday – within the framework of the joint project of the National Accident Prevention Committee and the Hungarian Mobility Development Agency – a traffic safety park awaits children and families with interesting and playful skill games. Then, at the end of the race, on Saturday, the celebrations in the square await family members, friends, and fans arriving at the finish line.

The Expo Center will also be an important stop during the competition, where entry is also free. As previously, the competition center will be here, as well as the service park.

We await everyone, let’s cheer together on the side of the routes while paying attention to safety!