The Supplementary Regulations of the 56th Mecsek Rally ORB+ORC, CEZ, Mitropa Cup, Historic OB, ORB2, ORB3 has been published

június 1, 2023

The program begins on the afternoon of Thursday, the 22nd, with the official test, then on Friday at noon, the field of ORB3 opens the 56th Mecsek Rallye, while ORB1 is the last to go through the stages of the day. On Saturday, the field will again complete three stages twice, similar to the EHRC. The field of ORB3 will competes only on Friday, the ORB2 on Saturday.

The start ceremony on Friday and the finish ceremony on Saturday will take place in Széchenyi Square, dressed in a Mediterranean atmosphere.

Supplementary Regulations ORB+ORC+HIS+MRC+R2+R3 MR23 0530 ENG ASN approved web

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