The Zippos have slipped backwards because of the propeller shaft, but they are not giving up

június 25, 2022

The Italian duo Zippo, Piceno were set back by the devil of technology on Friday night. Despite setting a winning time, two 2nds and a 3rd in the first four stages, they could only finish the day in 8th place.

The Audi’s driveshaft took too long to repair and they were late out to the night’s Parc Fermé, for which they were penalised 1:50 minutes. This put them back in 8th place.

However, this did not discourage them and they immediately set two absolute times on Saturday with the repaired car, moving up to 5th place after the 7th stage. As the driver puts it, although victory seems hopeless, they are not giving up and will continue to drive as fast as they can.