ORC: Rongits, Galgoczi and Szilágyi on the podium

június 25, 2022

Confidently won by the Rongits, Hannus duo the 55th Fenstherm Kontakt Mecsek Rally, despite yesterday leaning the right side of the race car against a tree and even collecting a 10-second penalty for an early start. Rongits didn’t let the victory out of their hands a single meter, winning six out of six today with the Mitsubishi.

In the ORC field, the absolute second place was recorded next to the duo of Galgóczi, Turai, while the Szilágyi, Kiskuti pair also took the podium. Out of the 26 racing pairs on the start list, twenty were able to roll over the finish podium.

Zsolt Karsai and Sándor Szilágyi became the best in the P13 class, while Zoltán Veréb and Dávid Májer became the fastest in the P12.


Végeredmény, ORC
Poz. Versenyzők/Autó
Össz. idő Kül.
1.  Rongits Attila –  Hannus Laszló
#39 Mitsubishi Evo 9 RS


2.  Galgóczi Norbert –  Turai István
#33 Mitsubishi Evolution

01:20:34.3 +04:00.9
3.  Szilágyi Patrik –  Kiskuti Adrián
#44 BMW M3

01:21:40.5 +05:07.1
4.  Karsai Zsolt –  Szilágyi Sándor
#47 Lada 2105

01:22:20.1 +05:46.7
5.  Veréb Zoltán –  Májer Dávid
#48 Lada VFTS

01:22:31.7 +05:58.3
6.  Kovács Zoltán –  Holló Barnabás
#50 Citroën C2 R2

01:22:37.1 +06:03.7