(ORB) Ostberg: „It was a challenging weekend” – They said at the finish in Széchenyi Square…

június 25, 2022

Mads Torjussen Ostberg, Patrik Barth:

„It was a challenging weekend, this morning was especially good. I spent a lot of time looking for the right feeling, and we adjusted the car as well as my driving. Overall I am glad that we never lost too much time and when we were good we were able to make up for the losses and regain the lead. I am happy with the win, as I had a lot of fun and I achieved my goal in the process. This rally was a challenging one and I am very happy taking the win again.”


Ádám Velenczei, Zsolt Vánsza:

„It was good, we managed to win five out of the 10 races, but unfortunately we made a mistake in the second to last one, we accidentally hit a slow down, we touched it and got a penalty, so we lost the second place. Now the race will go down and then my baby will come home, so now I want to deal with my family next week. It wasn’t bad really, we were able to keep up with Ostberg and Feri, so it was good.


Frigyes Turán, Ágnes Farnadi:

„It was a good weekend, we were a bit slow to get up to speed. Friday was a bit of a day where we didn’t start the race with the best settings. But I’m really happy with today, we were competitive, we were able to fight for the top times, so it was good. Obviously, it would be better if the race started now, because then we could forget about this disadvantage, but it was a really good weekend, with great tracks and a lot of spectators. What happened this time was that I believed what I had experienced in the first round, the car was very stable, it was a very good experience to drive it. We’ve gone six seconds faster on this quasi-short stage, we’re very happy. We learned a lot about the car, the tyres, so we were happy to be here.”

Gábor Német, Szabolcs Adorján:

„We have had a tough weekend. We have been on very difficult tracks the last two days. All in all, I can say that the race went well for us. The car is scratch-free, which is very important. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get any further ahead this time, but overall we are very satisfied that we were able to finish sixth on these difficult tracks. We changed the settings for the second lap and the car is much better. Maybe if we had fine-tuned it further it could have been even better, but I’m happy with that for now. Overall, I’m happy with the weekend.

Péter Ranga, Janek Czakó:

„It was very good. It was a difficult and long race, the heat didn’t make it easy, we had some technical problems that put us a minute worse today, but we actually managed to win, so we really enjoyed it. I was expecting a bit better pace from us, obviously the fact that we could win the category was enough, but the organisation was sensational, so thank you to PSN and Tibi Markó.”

Martin László, Dávid Berendi:

„We had a fantastic weekend. It was very good, our plan was to go flawlessly and bring the level we always try to bring abroad. We approach every track with the aim of going through it as cleanly as possible with the lowest possible error factor. Obviously it’s a big challenge to go through in a car that’s new to us, but we got a very good result from Top Cars and to finish fifth in ORB in such a strong field and win the Mitropa is a great pride. I’m very proud of Martin who did it without any mistakes, so thank you very much!

Adrienn Vogel, Miklós Maricsek:

„The last one was the best, actually I was so much more comfortable here, and there were good wide tarmacs, so I felt more comfortable and the rhythm was good. We also did good times compared to the others. It was tight on the first fast lap, it’s not my track, but at least I know that I need to improve in this area in the future. Miki tried to motivate me, he was good and told me where I could do better. He praised me all the time, he knew where my limits were, and I even exceeded them, so it was good, this little Peugeot is very reliable. The team put together a really good car, so it was good. It’s a good Mecsek Rally. Sometimes it’s diabolical, but it’s good.”