(ORB) Ostberg: „All is not lost” – In the Service Park said…

június 25, 2022

Mads Ostberg started the day strongly, taking two speedway victories ahead of Vincze and Turán to take the lead in the absolute standings. Velenczei finished fourth in Trefortpuszta and fifth in Orfű, losing his first place. All is not lost, though, as there are still three more rapid stages to go, with a gap of almost 6 seconds. Vincze confidently holds on to third place on the podium.

At the end of the first round, in the Service Park, they said…

Mads Ostberg, Patrik Barth:

„We had a good 1st run today with three wins and the lead now in our hands. When you struggle you search for the right mindset, and our confidence is back. With the changes we made last night,  we are where we want to be.”

Robert Bútor, Robert Tagai:
„We enjoyed ourselves. We tried to give fans a bit of a show on stage 6. We are having a good day, and have no issues with the car.”
Ferenc Vincze, Gergely Németh:

„It could have been better. Yesterday we won the first speed race both times in the opposite direction, and now we did it badly, I don’t know why, but I like the character of it. There was the wider road, the Árpádtető and the Hetvehely. We almost missed the start at Hetvehely, we had a little shock absorber adjustment, but it was so late that we looked at the clock and saw that we really had to hurry, so we were stressed at the start there. We’re still not in that bad a position, but we’d like a bit of rain to refresh things up here, because if it doesn’t and everything stays the same, I don’t think we’ll make much progress. We’re hoping for something to happen, a storm like this predicted around 3-4 o’clock. I liked the first fast one the best, it’s a narrow forest road, you have to go at a good pace. I think the car likes it best.

Mihály Matics, Viktoria Zejda:

Basically we are doing pretty well, Ariel and I are in a big fight, I just got a second on the last one, I had a mistake too and we’ve been sliding a lot, but obviously they’re complaining about that too. If we stay like this, I’ll be happy.”

László Fekete Jr., Tamás Begala:

„That’s not the way we were yesterday, we can’t really find the right set-up for these roads, and we tried several, but none of them suits the car or me. We’re testing a different one now, I’m confident we’ll find the right one by the end.”

 Péter Osváth, Tamás Papp 

„Actually, I didn’t do so well, I can’t find the arcs. We missed two races at home, we went abroad for a while, the stages are different there, much slower and you have to get used to this crazy rithm. Now we are starting to catch up a bit, but there is still a difference. We haven’t put on new tyres, but now we’re going to try and see if that brings something and then we’ll get the confidence and maybe we can catch up.”

Sándor Ollé, Rebeka Ollé:

„We were waiting to go on the classic Orfű stage, then we had a slow puncture and we were circling every right-hand corner because we had 1.1 bar of tyre pressure at the end. We are sorry that, but we really enjoy the Mecsek Rallye. At the end we caught up with Osvat and Trencsényi, we won’t be close to the front runners, but it’s good like this.

Frigyes Turán, Ágnes Farnadi:

„This round has been very good, I think we are starting to learn this new rubber. We don’t have a lot of experience with the hard Pirelli, and it’s a new one, but I think we’re getting used to it. The car is good, in the last Hetvehely the car did more than I thought it could do, there were some corners where I was a bit discouraged, but our times were good apart from that. I think there is a lot of potential, the car is very good this time.”

Ádám Velenczei, Zsolt Vánsza:

„The last one went very well, we didn’t find the rhythm in Terfortpuszta and Árpádtető, we definitely need to change that. Now I’ve set the car to the last one, it’s much better for this good quality stage, we just need to speed up.

László Martin, Berendi Dávid:

„Hatalmas élmény. Először megyünk ilyen autóval, de hát óriási, tényleg. Azt gondoltam, hogy az Árpádtető fog legjobban tetszeni, mert ahhoz elég közel lakom, de szerintem most ezt a hetvehelyi gyorsasági tetszett a legjobban, meg tegnap a sötét. Azt gondolom, hogy amit így megbeszéltünk a csapattal meg a Dáviddal, az működik a versenyen is. Az autó tökéletes, nagyjából. Néhány dolgot azért még szoknunk kell.”

Martin László, Dávid Berendi:

„A great experience. It’s the first time we’ve driven a car like this, but it’s huge, really. I thought I’d like the Árpádtető the most, because I live quite close to it, but I think I liked the speedway in Hetvehely the most, and the darkness yesterday. I think that what we discussed with the team and David will work in the race. The car is perfect, pretty much. We still have to get used to a few things.”

Kristóf Klausz, Botond Csányi:

„We are getting there, trying to get to where we want to be. This morning’s lap was a little bit more like that, especially the last two fast laps. Hopefully we can improve in the afternoon. I liked Árpádtető and Hetvehely the most, they are classic fast races. For some reason we are still a bit groping in the forest stages, we will have to see what the reason is. At most we’re softening up a bit, but it’s just such a small tweak, I don’t think we need to pay attention to anything else.”