(EHRC) The Érdis had a little adventure at Orfű

június 25, 2022

The EHRC field started Saturday with renewed vigour. Six fast stages in two „lifts” await the riders. Érdi recorded the fastest time twice and Zippo once.

The Érdis had a bit of an adventure on the inverted Trefortpuszta stage and had a problem with a stuck accelerator, then made a spectacular save after a slip at Orfű (pictured) but are now leading the overall standings by 25.4 seconds.

Tibor Érdi:

„Everything is fine, we are leading the race. The first fast was good, the second one had some adventures. We took a bit of a wider turn at Orfű. My main problem is that our tyre supplier doesn’t have hard rubber and we have to use medium, which is running out.”

PHOTO: Dawee Photography