(EHRC) Érdi won by just nine tenths!

június 25, 2022

After 10 special stages, the 55th Fenstherm Kontakt Mecsek Rallye for the EHRC field ended. Out of the 50 pairs to start, 35 finished the race.

The duo jr. Érdi, Csökő had adventures and technical problems, but they can return home after the weekend with 5 stage wins and the first place. On the stage of Trefortpuszta the duo won another stage victory – the fifth during the race – but then they only focused on getting to the finish line and taking it back from the speed.

Times were released, but the first place was not given, with an advantage of 0.9 seconds after the tenth stage, taking absolute first place in the EHRC.

In addition to Érdi, the Italian duo Zippo, Piceno also won the second round, ahead of the Austrian and Finnish opponents. In spite of the good times Zippo finished the race in fourth place.


The first place in the Historic OB was also won by Érdi, but behind them the Kalapács, Kalapács and Csukovics, „Kari” duos can take the podium.

Final result of the Historic Eb:

1.  Érdi, Tibor jr. –  Csökő, Zoltán
#H2 Ford Sierra RS Cosworth 4×4

2.  Silvasti, Ville –  Pietiläinen, Risto
#H4 Lancia Rally 037


3.  Wagner, Karl –  Zauner, Gerda
#H3 Porsche 911

01:20:26.0 +01:21.5
4.  “Zippo” –  Piceno, Denis
#H1 Audi Quattro


5.  Myrsell, Mats –  Junttila, Esko
#H5 Ford Sierra RS Cosworth 4×4

01:20:59.1 +01:54.6
6.  Sainz, Antonio –  De La Puente, David
#H7 Subaru Legacy 2.0 4WD Turbo