(EHRC) Érdi Jr.: „The end was a fierce” – At the finish in Széchenyi Square they said…

június 25, 2022

Tibor Érdi:

„It was a fierce finish, in the last fast start something must have broken in the drive and we only had a rear wheel drive. On Árpádtető we gave away 18 of the 30 seconds, I didn’t think we could win this. It’s really coming out of me now, it’s a sensational feeling. It’s the first race we’ve won in the Historic and at home, so it’s a great pleasure. Hats off to the car. I’m sorry that something happened at the end, because then we would have won hands down, but the important thing is that we still have it. And to have colleagues come here to congratulate us is fantastic.”

Ville Silvasti and Risto Pietiläinen:
„The weekend was overall good regarding my driving and I gave everything I had and am happy with most of it.
I had a couple of small mistakes that in the end cost me the lead due to the penalties.”
Karl Wagner and Gerda Zauner:
„I am really satisfied with 3rd overall and the top of our category. We had the issue with our gearbox that limited us and was always in our head. The roads have been quite good and perfect for our car today, which helped us in that hard fight.”

Zippo e Denis Piceno:

„We had a really good second day. We enjoyed it and gave everything from ourselves, running very good times. We are happy, as if it wasn’t for the penalty, we would have taken the overall in the category as well. Our mechanics gave their best in sorting out our problems as fast as they could. It is nobody’s fault if something like this happens.
I go away knowing that we gave our all, and that there was nothing else I could do.”
Pietro Corredig and Sonia Borghese:
„It is a race that I enjoy and have done before. It never ceases to surprise me, and I like its challenge. This year our setup was slightly different, as we did not plan it as a pure „tarmac” race. This was really good and we enjoyed it more than we have in the past. We feel that our efforts have been rewarded as we take the points in our category.”
Carlos Sampayo Cao and Jorge Manuel Henriques:
„This was a lovely weekend with great people and we really enjoyed it.
We improved our setup over the weekend and go away satisfied having learnt a lot about ourselves and our car.  This really is a special rallye, as it feels like different races in one. We went from a tricky, dirty course yesterday to a circuit like course today. We look forward to returning in the future as we really love this rallye.”
Michael Putz and Elizabeth Putz:
„We had a great weekend, we grew into it as it came along.
Yesterday was challenging, but today was more suited to us and to our driving style. We feel we did not risk too much and had a great experience in the meantime.”
Antonio Sainz and David de la Puente:
„It was a really pleasant experience to come here for the first time.
The courses are very different to what we have in Spain, and they were challenging having had few passes before. I feel that we had instances where we found the setup and others where we did not. I would like to return as I feel I will make less mistakes and enjoy it more.”
Ari Kirvesmäki and Jukka Jämsen:
„The car was good this weekend. We were really pleased as we learnt that some adjustment was necessary on the suspension. We had some great help in our group and overall it was a good rallye. Friday night was challenging but overall it was a great experience.”