(EHRC) At the end of the first round, in the Service Park, they said…

június 25, 2022

Zippo, Denis Piceno:
I lost a lot of time overnight and unfortunately I feel I cannot recover. I will still keep on pushing but the time difference now makes it very difficult.
Ville Silvasti, Risto Pietilainen:
Both the car and me are well. I enjoyed the day up to now and can keep on pushing.
Mats Myrsell, Esko Junttila (PHOTO):
The car is running well, but I felt a bit slow on the first stage. Now I feel I am enjoying myself more and can push better times.
Karl Wagner, Gerda Zauner:
I feel today’s stages suit me better and that shows in the car as well. We have an issue between 4th and 5th gear, but we haven’t used it too much and feel it doesn’t have a big impact.
Antonio Sainz, David De La Puente:
The day has started better, but I still cannot hit the correct setup for the car. The tyres were also not the right choice. We will have to wait and see if the weather impacts our setup for the afternoon.
Ari Kirvesmaki, Jukka Jämsen:
Stage six felt a bit narrow for us. Overall we are running better than yesterday but I felt we were constrained by the track.
Pietro Corredig, Sonia Borghese:  
We are taking it safely as we don’t have competition in our category. Normally if there is a fight I push more. Today my main concern is arriving back safely.
Carlos Sampayo Cao, Jorge Manuel Henriques:
Amazing! Stage 5 was still a bit slippery, stage 6 was better and stage 7 was the most fun I have had here. I really enjoyed that and will push again in the second run.