145 cars on the track on Saturday morning – 30 have already said goodbye

június 25, 2022

On Saturday morning the field started at the same terrain (between Trefortpuszta and Hatos), but on the opposite route, with the Historic Championship  drivers again first.

Unfortunately, many of the riders were unable to finish the first day, with a total of 30 riders on the drop-out list (14 EHRC + Hist. Championship; 15 ORB+ORC+Mitropa; 1 Just4Fun).

In the end, 145 cars (including qualifiers and control cars) were able to start the second round – 55 of them from the EHRC + Hist. Championship, 60 in ORB+ORC+Mitropa and 20 in Just4Fun.

Of these, 10 are super-rallies in the Historic and 9 in the Hungarian Championship.