(ORB) Said after the first lap…

június 24, 2022

Ostberg Mads Torjussen, Patrik Barth:

„The race was okay, but it wasn’t that good. It didn’t feel good to go on it, I didn’t feel confident enough to push it. They put the tyres in an unexpected place, they shouldn’t be there, they should be where they are in the itinerary. We’ll see. Tomorrow is a new day with different stages. It has to be perfected.”

Róbert Bútor (PHOTO), Róbert Tagai:

„The road was slippery, full of loading, so I held back. The road was bad, the car was shaking all over the place.”

Gábor Német, Szabolcs Adorján:

„Overall, I feel it is mediocre. We’ll work to make it better by the evening. We have a lot of pitching too, and we’re trying to eliminate that now. We’ve set it a bit hard, but it’ll be good. Fortunately, we have no other complaints.”

René Noller, Anne Katharina Stein:

„It was slippery and clastic, it was throwing the car. We’re trying to make the best of it for the conditions.”