ORB, Round 2: Changing challenges, unchanged order

június 24, 2022

Although the weather has eased, the increasing darkness and the accumulations have posed a serious challenge for the National Championship pairs. A good number of them had trouble adjusting their lights and constantly changing tyres to protect the pavement.

Compared to the first round, the order at the front remained unchanged after Velenczei and Vincze each collected a speedway win. Ostberg added two more second times to his name, but the Norwegian was not satisfied with the result.


Ollé „Sasa”:

It was a tough day. We bought all the new stuff for the car, turbo, gearbox, engine rebuilt, can’t complain about the car, tyres were good. My legs were shaking on those narrow speeds. We were accelerating on the second lap, even though it was dark, I probably didn’t mind the next corner. I prefer tomorrow’s fast ones, classic, wider old tracks. This car is doing nearly 200, it’s not healthy in the woods. I’m not saying that at this age, because my friends told me I can’t say that, but I’m not 25 years old anymore, I know I’m not going to grow half an arm out if I go into the woods at 200. So we don’t really take that on. At 60 I’m braver in the chicki chicks, but there was a lot of loading, a lot of cars fell out, we hit the back of a concrete pillar, it didn’t hurt so much. It’s a long race, tomorrow we’ll try to catch up a bit.