ORB, ORC, lap 1: Velenczei in the lead, Vincze’s Skoda too soft

június 24, 2022

ORB: After two stages Velenczei, Vánsza are ahead of Ostberg and Barth. Ostberg in Trefortpuszta and Hosszúhetény arrived second ahead of Vincze and Németh.

Velenczei and Vánsza are satisfied waiting the following stages and in the meantime Vincze and Németh are seeking adjustments of the car, as in his own words „they over-softened the car” and struggled in the tight corners.
In the field of ORC Foczkó and Madarász took the first stage but were sidelined on the second due to a mechanical issue. After the mechanical, Rongits and Hannus came through to take the lead, with 30 seconds ahead of Galgóczi and Turai in second place.