(ORB) After round 2, at the Service Park, they said…

június 24, 2022

Péter Ranga, Janek Czakó:

It was great, it was quite tiring, the first two fast were very good, we won both of them, and now in the dark we did two second times. Once we had a problem with our headlamp, because the screw came loose and it was shining very low. We were careful on the last one, we didn’t want to go fast because the track was in a bad condition. So tomorrow we will try to go faster.


Adrienn Vogel, Miklós Maricsek:

There’s no problem with the track, it’s very pitching and fast. It’s very narrow, and I’m still getting used to that. Actually it was a bit dark, sometimes I couldn’t see the signs because it was so reflective, so I couldn’t really hit any corners there, but thankfully we didn’t fall off the road. The car is perfect, I need to speed up. Miki did a great job too, so we’re in the service park today, going into the parc fermé and looking forward to tomorrow. Those are going to be a bit wider accelerations, so it should be good.


Norbert Galgóczi, István Turai:

It was all very exciting, but it was completely transformed by the spectators, they do terrible things up there. They’re dragging the tyres out onto the track and sometimes it’s life-threatening. They’re not thinking, they don’t know what they’re doing, and it’s just a problem for us. Because they pull out a big truck tyre, you hit it and you end up in the ditch. And we’re new to driving in the dark, so that was a surprise. But overall we were like, we’re going to pull it in. It wasn’t that bad. We’ll try to go fast in broad daylight tomorrow. With this night we were like, let’s just go through it, especially as it’s the first Mecsek Rally of our lives, a lot of new things for us. Tomorrow we’ll try again to go slowly uphill.

Attila Rongits, Lászó Hannus:

It was a bit of a long stage, it’s an hour long. But anyway, this is the last fast one, the Pécsvárad one was very gravel, it was very rough in some places. And I think the spectators were having fun pulling out the tyres, and it was quite difficult to avoid them. But otherwise we enjoyed it, we had an adventure, we slid into the ditch on the first lap of the Pécsvárad, and I hit a tree and smashed the whole right side of it. But thank God we are here, no damage to the chassis or the engine, so tomorrow we hope to have a successful day.