(Historic OB) At the end of the day in the Service Park they said…

június 24, 2022

Zsolt Kalapács (Opel Kadett C Coupe):

„The team set off for the first quick lap with the idea that if I „messed up” I would get beaten, so I hurried, it was fine, we came seventh in absolute time. I tried to go relatively fast on the second lap, although I don’t like that track. I got really sick in the car in the middle, I could hardly get out at the end. They revived me a bit there. Suddenly it got very hot, the window closed, I couldn’t open it, I couldn’t breathe. Then I got myself together for the second lap, we did a bit worse than the previous one, but the important thing was to get the bike in for today.”

Roland Müller (Lada VAZ 2101 Gr2):

„It was very hot, otherwise everything was fine, we drove carefully, we felt good, that’s why we came. There are friends everywhere, nothing extra. We’re a bit tired, that’s enough for today.”

Bálint Kreicsi (BMW 320 – PICTURES):

„It wasn’t easy. We had a technical problem in the tenth corner of the first speedway. As it turned out, the carburettor was sucked somewhere wrong, the engine was constantly roaring, and the brakes went out because we had to brake the car all the time. It was still running when we didn’t want it to, it was very difficult and caused total uncertainty, but we came down. On the second one, the throttle even leaked, and then we were on the floor, we lost the return spring somewhere, it must have flown off somewhere. We had four or five minutes on the stage, so all our chances and hopes were gone, but at least we didn’t drop out of the race. Here at the service station the problem was pretty much solved, but now it doesn’t sound as it should. The brake oil boiled over, but there was no time to deflate it, so we somehow managed to complete the second lap with a lot of problems. Now we can hopefully get the brakes sorted out at the garage and see how the rest of it goes. We’re also happy that we didn’t crash out, which is something. Nothing is going as well as we would like, but it could be worse.”

Mekler, László, Sárdi, Zoltán (Alfa GTV):

„We had a pretty good drive, but the tracks were terrible, very gravel. A lot of the foreigners complained about that. We survived today, which we are very happy about, and we will push on tomorrow, tomorrow we will have good tracks.”