(Historic OB) After the 1st round, in the Service Park, they said…

június 24, 2022

Tamás Tóth-Gili (Toyota Corolla AE82 GTI):

„So far we’ve done two quick laps, we really enjoyed it, the second one, it didn’t go very well, I was a bit tentative and the conditions were quite difficult, so it was a complex thing. We’ll keep going and try to get faster.”

Zoltán Trexler (Volkswagen Golf):

„Veteran car, veteran crew, but we’re having a great time. I think they have improved the roads a bit. We don’t look at the time, we’re doing the mitropas, so I’m interested in the points. Everything is good, Pécs is the place to come.”

Balu (Lada 21074):

„The tracks were good, I liked them, but we have a big problem with the car, not sure if we can fix it. We need to change the gearbox, that’s one of the most important things. The other one is our ignition, or our fuel supply, or both, which we have a problem with. We don’t have a new transformer, our car is getting hot and we have 30 minutes to work a miracle. We don’t have a chance, so we’ll probably lose this race.”

Antal Kanyik (Polonez 2000 Gr. B):

„I love it, I’m 20 years younger. I don’t really care about anything, I just go and enjoy it. Of course vanity demands that I go as fast as possible. It’s my fifth race after 20 years off, I know there are no miracles, but I’m doing much better than in the first two races. At 64, what more do you need?! Many of my former friends and rivals are watching me from the sidelines and envying me how good I am. Yes, I put it together and I’m off.”

István Csukovics (Lada 21013):

„It felt really good to go, after all these years you are happy when you finish. It’s still very much at the beginning, but I’m confident that we’ll make it. There are some minor faults, but we’ll try to rectify them in the workshop. The Historic has always had a good atmosphere, it’s the old things that count, unlike in the ‘top’ class.”

Imre Zsíros „Zsírpapa” (Lada VFTS):

„The track is quite dirty, so we didn’t dare to let go so much, lest we fall off. We came in with a good pull to have a good time and came third.”

Jr. Tibor Érdi (Ford Sierra RS Cosworth 4×4):

„The first quick was good, we came third there, in the second I didn’t quite understand the big time difference I got from the start. You have to know that the Audi duo was late in front of us and I don’t know if there was a mix-up because of that. Now I’d like to check the internal camera footage at the service garage to see what time we actually came in and compare it to the time sheet. We may have been slower, but not by that much. We need to evaluate that.”