Familiar faces in the service park

június 24, 2022

Attila Harcsa was a key member of the Suzuki manufacturer team from the early 2000s. After more than 10 years experience he expanded his knowledge with the MSport Team. He was forced to leave due to a family incident. After several years Róbert Bútor asked him to return, he had to rebuild  his WRC C3 and needed his help. To this day even experienced mechanics are amazed by its smart and clear solutions.
The rallye would not be the same without some well known faces. Here we have ran into iconic racers who have had many followers on the sidelines.  „Speedball” Vojcsik, Kálmán Topor and Tibor Érdi senior are familiar faces to older race followers. They have much to catch up on after the years. Among them, Tibor Érdi continues to have a connection with racing. His son has more than 10 years of experience in international racing and three European Championship wins under his belt. Now he is part of the Historic Championship where he is accompanied by his father.