(EHRC) Said after the first lap…

június 24, 2022

Ville Silvasti, Risto Pietilainen (Lancia Rally 037):

„The first lap went very well, I like the race so far. We got a 20-second penalty, which we regret, but we feel we can be even better in the evening and even overtake Zippo.”

Zippo, Denis Piceno (Audi Quattro):

„On the first quick lap we broke the engine mount, but luckily we were able to get off the stage. We hope to fix the problem in the garage and do better in the evening.”

Michael Putz, Elisabeth Putz (Porsche 911 SC – PHOTO):

„So far I liked the race, but it was very dangerous! I felt that it was a very tight and pitching stage for the Porsche. We will slow down the pace in the second lap and attack tomorrow if we have to!”

Antonio Sainz, David de la Puente (Subaru Legacy 2.0):

„It went well, but there was a lot of build-up on the track. It throws the Subaru around a lot. Hopefully, when the weather cools down, we’ll do better on the second lap.”

Ari Kirvesmaki, Jukka Jamsen (BMW M3):

„There was a lot of build-up and it was very pitching. After the first stage we slowed down a bit. I think the car was set up well. „

Siegfried Mayr, Renate Mayr (Volvo 244):

„The weather is a bit warm, and the brake became very hot, it was difficult to slow down. I think we can improve our time for the second lap.”

Pietro Corredig, Sonia Borghese (BMW 2002 Tii):

„I was very hot, but I managed to set the car well. We really enjoyed the first lap, we worked well with my navigator. We hope to do better in the cooler weather.”

Carlos Sampayo Cao, Jorge Manuel Henriques (Renault R11 Turbo):

„I like the race really much, I’m glad to be here for the second time! We suffered a little bit because the car was very bumpy. But we have the perfect set-up for tomorrow.”