EHRC, lap 1: Zippo in the lead, now a little break on the starting podium!

június 24, 2022

In the first round, the EHRC and Historic Championship field completed the 12.85 km Trefortpuszta – Hatos and the 18.5 km Hosszúhetény – Pécsvárad speed sections.

Already the first fast was not without incident, the pair Stajf, Zelinka could not complete it due to a technical problem, while the pair Dezcallar, Fluxa Sureda had to withdraw from the race due to an accident.

After two quick laps, „Zippo” is in the lead with the Audi Quattro, just 0.5 seconds ahead of the Finnish Silvasti. Myrsell currently occupies the bottom step of the podium, 6.7 seconds behind the Finn.

After the round, the duos will head to Széchenyi Square to roll through the starting podium, then a quick maintenance session at the Service Park in the Expo, and then it’s off to the first lap once again!