(EHRC) Fallen, making Dezcallar the first eliminated – UPDATE!

június 24, 2022

While the front of the field is already compete on the 2nd Hosszúhetény speed race, the second half  got stuck at Trefortpuszta. According to a brief factual report, the Toyota Celica of the duo Dezcallar, Fluxa Sureda fell into the ditch 3.7 kilometres after the start, making them the first crash retirees of the race.

The race was restarted after 20 minutes.



According to the latest medical report, the portugese driver of the pair was not injured in the accident. However, his navigator was seriously injured, with two fractured vertebrae, three broken ribs and severe oedema in his eyes. Despite this, a repatriation is planned, but this would only be possible by ambulance or aircraft equipped with a special vacuum bed, with the consent of the doctors.


PHOTO: lepoldsportvideo.hu