(EHRC) At the end of the day in the Service Park, they said…

június 24, 2022


I have a broken driveshaft! On the 2nd run I broke the driveshaft and lost time due to that. But we will do what we can to make sure we can face tomorrow.

It has been a challenge after the broken engine support in the first outing, but the race is not over and the time loss has not been too great. We look forward to tomorrow.
Ville Silvasti:
I had too many penalties, otherwise it was a good day. I am quite satisfied with the second run and ready, with a good car for tomorrow.
Karl Wagner:
The second stage was horrible for our car today, the road conditions did not suit our car at all.
We had an issue with the fifth gear but that is something we can sort overnight. The last five kilometers were not good for us and I am happy to have finished the day.
That is rally, last year the conditions were different and we faced other challenges. I feel that tomorrow the stages suits us better and we can push more.
Mats Myrsell:
It was a good second run, overall roads were cleaner now. I feel that we performed well and we are in a good position for tomorrow.
Anders Johnsen (PHOTO):
It was a bit jumpy, but this was already there on the recce. I like smoother stages better, but it is part of rallye. Perhaps the second stage would be better without the last two kilometers or so.
Overall it was a good day, I would like to see the return of the faster stages of previous years. Six stages in the forest felt a bit too much for me.
I lost the power steering on the last stage, but we will be ready for tomorrow.
Antonio Sainz:
We had a better second run. Our adjustments worked and we took care of our car so that tomorrow we can carry on.
It is always challenging when you are at a rally for the first time and I am glad that we have done well.
Putz Elizabeth:
I am happy that our car is good after today, it was very difficult for us. Mechanically we are well and ready to face tomorrow’s stage which is better for us.
Pietro Corredig:
We are satisfied, we had a solid day and are ready for tomorrow. I have changed the set up of my car this year in comparison to previous ones and this has worked well for me.
Carlos Sampayo:
We have a couple of issues with the starter but overall we feel that we had a better run with the slightly lower temperatures.
I feel that tomorrow we can push better.
Jesus E Diez V.:
We had a very good first stage, but on the second we went too straight in a turn and hit the guardrail.
Damage fortunately seems to be only minor and we look forward to continuing. Tomorrow I feel the stages suit us better.