The first to withdraw under duress: Ferenc Wirtmann cannot compete in the race

június 23, 2022

Ferenc Wirtmann and József Kerekes arrived in Pécs and were preparing for the race, but both started to feel unwell. Due to cold and flu symptoms they had a Covid test, which came back positive, so they were quarantined and cannot start the race.

As the pilot explained, his navigator had been „hiding something” the day before, but by the morning he too had a sore throat and aching joints. So they went for a precautionary test and, as it was positive, they started packing.

He apologised to the fans, thanked them for their words of encouragement and wished his fellow drivers a good race.

The Wirtmanns had already won one race – the first Historic race in Orfù – in Baranya earlier this year; then they crashed out at the Boldogkő Rally. However, they hope to return with success in Veszprém.