Péter Magoss: „It’s a tough, exciting race, that’s why I love it”

június 22, 2022

Last year there was some ditching, which prevented them from finishing the event, so this year they have no other goal than to finish the Mecsek Rallye.

The Mecsek Rallye is not necessarily in Peter Magoss’s heart, but not because he has anything against the competition, the environment or the fans – it just didn’t suit his car, the Alfa Romeo GTAm. Last year, however, he got behind the wheel of a Subaru Legacy and had a much more enjoyable experience than before.

„Unfortunately, there was some ditching and we couldn’t finish the race, but the Subaru was much better suited to the Mecsek. I am curious to see how this year’s race will be. It’s a tough, exciting race, that’s why I like it,” said Péter Magoss.

In this year’s Historic European Championship series, they competed in the fabulous Targa Florio Rallye, where they entered the Alfas as a kind of tradition. The Sicilian event went well, as they won their category: „We were happy to come home with a huge trophy!”

And what are they expecting from the Mecsek Rallye? The fact that Viktor Bán from Pécs will be the navigator in the passenger seat will undoubtedly be an advantage – he has to know the tracks with his eyes closed.

„I hope he will help! It’s actually the first time I’m going with Viktor this year, so we’ll see how it goes. We want to finish, we want to do all the fastest times and of course it wouldn’t be bad to finish in the top third of the European Championship field!”