László Mekler: still with question marks due to family accident

június 22, 2022

A few days ago, it was still questionable whether he would start, and it is still not decided whether his navigator wife can sit in the Alfa with him, so we cannot say that László Mekler is preparing for the Mecsek Rallye with a lot of calm.

It’s been a busy few days for the Mekler family. His wife, Edit Mikó, who also navigates the races, recently broke two of her ribs in an accident at home, so it is questionable whether she will be able to get into the passenger seat.

„Recently I even considered not racing. I decided against it, but it’s still a question whether Edit can sit next to me. If not, I’ll be racing with Zoli Sárdi,” says László Mekler.

He doesn’t really like the tracks in Mecsek („they don’t interest me”), but he wouldn’t miss the race. There are things he really likes.

„I don’t race anywhere else in Hungary except Mecsek, and only because Pisti Jelen talked me into it. After I got to know the audience there, the atmosphere that I can’t experience anywhere else, I can’t miss this race. You come down at Lapis, there are fans in the forest, campfires are burning… We’ve fallen twice, and both times they came running to help us, you don’t forget things like that. Not to mention that I love the city centre of Pécs, and I have a lot of foreign friends who want to see me, so I can’t stay away for them either.”

In this year’s Historic European Championship series, the Meklers were also in Costa Brava and Targa Florio. They did particularly well in the latter, winning their category and finishing eighth overall.