(EHRC) Vojtech Stajf: with a new car, but an earlier navigator  

június 20, 2022

Czech Vojtech Stajf, Vladimir Zelinka, will start the race in Pécs with a Toyota Celica GT Four ST165 in category 4 and the European Championship race number 8.

”Last year it was my first time in Mecsek, and it was my first victory in Class, in Group 2 and the first victory in my Historic rally racing, so I have good memories from last year’s race. I like the stages very much it was quiet challenging and maybe different than in the Czech Republic, so I enjoyed the rally, so I decided to come back again this year.

This year I am coming with a Toyota Celica, which is a new car for me. We have started to rebuild and prepared the car during the wintertime. We struggled a little bit to find the right parts and we finished the car just before the Czech race, but we didn’t have time to test it and we couldn’t finish the Vitava Rally. Now the car is ready, we have tested it and I hope we will be luckier in Mecsek and we will see the finish line.

I am coming with the same codriver like I drove last year with Opel, because my codriver the one that I originally entered with is not able to start due to health reasons, so I decided to come with the same codriver as last year. We will be the complete crew; we are pushing to be the Group 4 champions. We are looking forward to it and hopefully the weather will be good, without rain, because we’ve only tested the Toyota in dry conditions, I would prefer the nice weather. So, we have very good feeling about Mecsek Rally, we think the organiser are nice people, because last year we stayed in the service park in our motorhome – and planning it this year too, – we felt that we got good support and a lot of help from the organisers. I would like to thank them for that. The atmosphere in Hungary was very friendly.”