(EHRC) Karl Wagner wants to win for the third time in the Mecsek

június 20, 2022

Karl Wagner and Gerda Zauner are returning category 3 drivers who also boast success in Pécs. The Porsche 911 already holds two trophies in Mecsek.

”As I remember we won the overall classification at the Mecsek Rallye in 2013 and 2014, we look forward to driving here again. Mecsek is a beautiful rally and it’s always nice to drive on Hungarian roads. Like always, I would like to win this time again.

I am coming with my Porsche 911 which we’ve been using for years in the European Championship and this year too in category 3. The roads sometimes are very bumpy, and not in the good conditions, and some others are very good for rallying, it’s a mixed terrain. This year there will be a few new stages for everybody so it will also be a good experience for everyone, its fine. Last year the race was later, now the weather will be sunny all the time, which is great, we prefer sunshine to wet conditions.”