Accident prevention programmes at the Ice Rink: you can’t start early enough!

június 18, 2022

Among the many colourful and interesting complementary programmes, we must emphasise the usefulness of these two adjectives. And where better to educate young people about accident prevention and driving safely than at an event about speeding cars.

The education is, of course, embedded in exciting games and exercises, which they are eager to take part in – while at the same time acquiring the knowledge they need to drive safely in the future, almost without noticing.

In taking on this task, the Mecsek Rally Organising Committee, together with the Police Rally Team and the National Accident Prevention Committee of the Police, has already thought about the future generation of competitors. In the framework of the road show, young and old can learn about the basic rules of the road from real policemen in a playful and organised environment.

The programme includes, among other things, for example a ‘drunk glasses’ alcohol awareness test, wrong side of the road, an e-vehicle demonstration – for the older children; and a traffic park with instructors, go-karts and a running bike – for the younger ones.

The Programme is FREE!

Location: the „Városi Műjégpálya” (Dr. Veress Endre u.).


Friday 24th, 12.00 AM – 04.00 PM

Saturday 25th, 09.00 AM – 04.00 PM