(EHRC) Ferenc Wirtmann: “The Árpádtető for example, is a place close to my heart!”  

június 17, 2022

Ferenc Wirtmann’s first rally was the Mecsek Rallye in 1973, and almost 50 years have passed since then. He has also enjoyed great success here.

After a four-year absence, Ferenc Wirtmann returned to the historic European championship, and will be riding with József Kerekes in the Ford Escort Mk II in Mecsek. He had some minor problems with the car at the Vltava Rally in the Czech Republic.

“We’re doing the car right now, I hope we can fix the problems,” said Ferenc Wirtmann, “We’re certainly in a very difficult situation since the FIA allowed new cars to join the field. Nevertheless, we want to win our category at the European Championship and it would be nice to finish third in absolute terms! As far as the latter is concerned, I feel that the first two positions are up for grabs, we are not in the same league as these rivals, but we can still beat them in a single quick race. One thing is for sure: we will never give up!”

And then there is the Hungarian championship, which they also want to win. As they are currently not in the lead, they need to be successful because they need to catch up with the leaders.

If you look at their experience and results so far, there are not many riders in Mecsek who have been better than Wirtmanns.

“For me, it is always a special experience to start here, because I first competed here in 1973, and it has been almost fifty years since then! I have won two rally absolute, five or six historic national championships and a European championship. I’m happy to come again because I have my favourite tracks here, the Árpádtető, for example, is is a place close to my heart!”

K. M. A.