(EHRC) The Érdi-duo are very happy that they don’t have to compete only on the usual tracks

június 17, 2022

The young ERC2 champion, who has three European titles to his name. Tibor Érdi and Zoltán Csökő, who have a European Championship title with three European championships to their name, are looking for a win at the Mecsek Rallye as well.

-The Érdi-duo will compete in both the Historic national and European championship classification at the Mecsek Rallye. And if they’re in the field, they want to win – but that’s as it should be.

“We had problems with the car, it has a brand new engine and a new front diff. If it holds up, and we’re very confident that it will, I think we can win it,” said the young Tibor Érdi.

In the Historic national championships, they expect to be at the top in their category and in the absolute, but the European Championship is a different story. Their car is in the youngest age group, where it will be tough to finish first, but they are keen to do well in front of a Hungarian audience.

It is certain that for the Érdi-duo, Mecsek is nothing new, they have already taken part in quite a few races. Although they haven’t competed in a Hungarian championship here for several years, as it is fitting, they have all the courses in mind…

“The last time I remember driving an R5 Skoda was in 2019. We arrived at the pick-up having been converted from gravel to tarmac the night before – it was a bit hectic. We’re very happy to be back, as well as the fact that we’re not only doing the usual tracks, but also the Pécsvárad fast and Trefortpuszta. Every driver can only improve if he races on new roads and new tracks, and not just as a weight in the car!”

K. M. A. 

PHOTO: Montovay Tibor (Montus Fotó)