The previous winners of Mecsek Rally (4.) Mads Østberg: I hope we can fight for the win

június 15, 2022

The 2020’ WRC2 world champion, the winner of last year’s race in Pécs, Mads Østberg, will return to the Mecsek to win again.

It is always good to be in Hungary competing in the Championship. It is the 2nd year for me now competing in Hungary; I really enjoy to be honest. Nice rallies, nice people, spectators are always enthusiastic, really cheering for us, we feel a lot of support there which is great, it’s a lot of enjoyment for us.

I did it for the first time last year, probably it was my favourite event of the year, everything was nice in Pecs, also the competition was really strong, but we enjoy the fight, I always want to win the rally. I have lot of great memories of that rally it will be nice to come back for second time.

I hope Pécs will be as nice as last year, which I am sure it will, it look like the weather will be great as well, very warm, what I can see in weather forecast, it will be a summer feeling. I hope we can fight for the win, I think we were strong in this event last year, I want to win it again. I hope we can have a good feeling on the recce, to feel comfortable on the stages. I am sure it will be a big fight ad we are ready for that.