Ádám Velenczei becomes a father during the Mecsek Rallye

június 12, 2022

Ádám Velenczei arrives at the Mecsek Rallye as the absolute winner of the last Hungarian championship. He and Zsolt Vánsza had won the race in May, but Ádám, who had already won one race before, was sober in his assessment of the victory.

„You have to see that it might not have been the same in Vác and the surrounding area if Ostberg had been running. In his absence, there was an opportunity to get a better result, which we managed to get against Feri Vincze. These very fast tracks suited me, and I tried to do my best to succeed,” said the two-time absolute race winner, looking back on his previous victory.

„The Mecsek Rallye is different. The programme is extremely technical and is again made up of real rally tracks. That’s why I want to prepare thoroughly, but I’ll have a little extra time during the rally. My wife is scheduled for the Thursday before the race, the day our child is due to be born. I’ll definitely be there with her, I think it would be a shame to miss a better moment than this” – shares the good news with us.

„Coming back to the race, we have to be very careful, because besides the high speed and technical corners, we also have the risk of punctures. Especially towards Pécsvárad. By the way, I like that track, I even managed to run an absolute time on it from Máré-vár. I would like to do something similar again. But it will not be easy! We are in a good position in the championship, we are at the top, but there will be 4-5 more tough races including the Mecsek. I’d like to at least get podium finishes and then we’ll see what’s good enough. And let’s face it, it’s hard to make it in this economic situation, so we have to take every opportunity when we can,” says Adam honestly.

„I’m verí happy with the team, the Topp-Cars Rally Team is doing a great job, the car is fine. Also in the car, there’s a good contact with Zsolt Vánsza. We are in almost daily contact in our private life, so we understand each other during the race. He is at least as motivated as I am. This is how we will start the 55th Mecsek Rallye,” says Ádám Velenczei, who by then was a new father.