Ferenc Vincze: competition by day, party by night…

június 11, 2022

Ferenc Vincze was the absolute hungarian champion in 2019, moreover he scored the points he needed – with a 3rd place – at the Mecsek Rally. This year, he would like to stand on the podium in Pécs.


„That’s right, I came third in Pécs, I didn’t have to push the accelerator too hard, because my position was enough to win the championship title, and that was the most important thing. Then we had a huge celebration with the team. As I had never won a race in Mecsek before, I would like to stay in the night in Pécs for a while afterwards…” – Ferenc Vincze laughs as he opens up about his ability to relax after a tight race.

„But seriously, looking at this year’s calendar, in winter I’ve already noted that the Mecsek will be the most difficult race to win of all. For me, for sure, because for some reason I haven’t managed it yet, even though I would really like to. I’ve finished second three times this year, I’d like to do one ranking higher. But it will not be an easy race, as the total distance of the races is finally more, almost 140 km, half of which will be on narrow forest roads” – says the former champion, who is looking at his chances in the light of the difficulties.

„The field is not weak either, with two great foreign pairs, and there will be some newcomers who I think will be a force to be reckoned with. The points that can be gained are particularly valuable, as the odds are 1.2. So, I’ll do my best, although I don’t know yet whether the narrow or the wider courses will favour me. I had previously thought that narrow forest tracks suited my style, but the expected results didn’t come through. I hope it will be okay now on the Mecsek” – reflects Ferenc Vincze.

– As I mentioned, I haven’t had an absolute victory in Pécs yet, but I’m very proud of the fact that I’ve already won a fast race in Trefort-Puszta with the Mitsubishi EVO IX R4, which is now on the program for a round trip. I remember it was muddy and slippery, but I really enjoyed it. And the memories of 2019 are still very vivid in my mind as we celebrated the championship title here. So, I’ve had it and I haven’t had it from Mecsek, the glass is half full, this year should be full at last. Then I would be very happy” – said this year’s returning champion, Ferenc Vincze.