ATTENTION! The FIA EHRC event’s Supplementary Regulations is now available.

április 22, 2022

The 55th Mecsek Rallye’s FIA EHRC Supplementary Regulations have now been published. We have been building on the success of the 2021 event in the same ethos, to provide a competitor and spectator friendly event. The 2022 event will start with recce, test and followed by start podium and 2 different locations running 4 special stages to finish off Friday. Saturday will continue with 3 different locations running 6 special stages, finishing with a podium in the usual scenic setting in the heart of the city. This year the shortest stage is 10.8km, while the longest 18.5km in the hills of Mecsek. Competitors entering the FIA EHRC event will complete 138.60km of special stages. For further details please see our Supplementary Regulations, for entry please visit the FIA website.