Observed, rated as good – FIA driver lightning assessment of last year’s race (2.)

március 8, 2022

As previously announced, with the decision of the FIA World Motor Sport Council at the end of last year, the historic race of the 55th Mecsek Rally can still be held – as the only Hungarian Rally Championship this year – on June 23-25 at the Historic Rally, between the nine rounds of the 2022 series of the European Championship. The words of two senior FIA observers, who both watched – and even watched with more sly eyes – our race last year, certainly meant a lot in that. We have now asked both of them for a brief retrospective assessment, which is also a foresight of the new challenges we now face.
In the second part of our paired interview, we gathered the insights of Arnaud Crépin, the manager of the FIA EHRC Championship.


Q: You have previously been deeply involved with the running of the World Rally Championship. What brought you to the European Historic Rally Championship?

– It was a new challenge for me with the objective of restructuring the running of the Historic Championship, which was also fuelled by my passion for historic cars. Making use of 10 years of experience of WRC and ERC level organisation, the fundamental goal is to improve the championship for all parties involved. Historic has a special place in motorsport due to the passion it invokes in people, and as such it deserves a lot of care and energy, while adapting to the society.


Q: The Mecsek Rallye organising committee has significantly changed in 2021 bringing with it a host of changes to improve the event. What changes were visible to the FIA officials and delegates?


– The new team has brought with it a more proactive energy with improved communications and better

cooperation with the FIA, which in these challenging times is fundamental. A lot of young people are involved in the team, which is positive. This naturally brings energy and more modern work strategy, which helps reducing potential impediments. The team is building trust on behalf of the organising committee, and is heading in the right direction. I urge them to keep pushing.


Q: What would you advise to the enthusiasts for the 55th Mecsek Rallye?

– We must understand and appreciate that everyone is important; the spectators, sponsors, competitors,

organisers. For all of us to be able to enjoy our sport we need to be responsible and everyone has a role to play. If we respect the rules, rules that are fundamental to adapt to modern society, we will create a bright future for our sport. We need people on the stages, a good atmosphere, to preserve the passion for Historic Rallying.



Head of Historic Sporting Regulations & Championship Manager