„It was a good event, congratulations to the renewed organizing team” – FIA drivers’ lightning assessment of last year’s race (1st)

március 6, 2022

As previously announced, with the decision of the FIA World Motor Sport Council at the end of last year, the historic race of the 55th Mecsek Rally can still be held there – as the only Hungarian rally event of this year – the Historic Rally will take place on June 23-25. Between the nine rounds of the 2022 series of the European Championship. The words of two FIA observers, who both watched – and even more watched – our race last year, certainly meant a lot in that. We have now asked both of them for a brief retrospective assessment, which is also a foresight of the new challenges we now face.
We will first publish a message from John Naylor, Chairman of the FIA Historic Motorsport Committee.


Q: In your role as the President of the Historic Motor Sport Commission you came to Pécs to visit the event in 2021. What was your aim?

I was appointed to the role of Historic Motor Sport Commission President in 2021 so it was important for me to visit some events and experience them for myself while offering my personal support to the organisers.

Q: What was your impression, what was the event like from your perspective?

For me the event was a success and the feedback from the competitors was positive, they certainly seem to
have enjoyed themselves. Mecsek has some very challenging stages along with a spectacular setting for the
start and finish podiums situated in the heart of the historic city centre bringing the rally to the people of Pécs.
Overall a good event, well done to the renewed organising team.