Statements of Rally1 winners from the podium

június 26, 2021

1st place: Mads Ostberg-Torstein Eriksen (Citroen C3 Rally2): We really enjoyed the race, we could go on classy speed stages, thank you to the director for the weekend, it was good! We fought serious battles and congratulated the Hungarian competitors because they dictated a serious pace.

2nd place: András Hadik-Krisztián Kertész (Ford Fiesta R5 MKII): We are over a good little race, but our rubber tactic did not come. We wanted to get a little closer to Ostberg, but we didn’t succeed. Congratulations to them on their victory!

3rd place: Grzegorz Grzyb-Kamil Kozdron (Skoda Fabia Rally2 EVO): The whole weekend was very good, we pushed fast all the way. We fought a close battle with the Hadik team, but we failed to catch it. We have been fighting such a battle for two years now, we hope that by the third time we will be the winner!

4th place: Ádám Veleczei-Bacigal Igor (Skoda Fabia R5 Evo): It was a difficult weekend, we were tired, especially the Friday night section was stressful. Our good result was already gone in today’s first round, we also lost a bit of our motivation. In this strong field, fourth place is not a bad result, but we want to perform better in the next race!

5th place: Klausz Kristóf-Csányi Botond (Skoda Fabia Rally2 EVO): We are past a very difficult weekend, Friday’s rain overwhelmed everything. We have almost flawless competition behind us. We also learned a lot from this race and we want to accelerate even more.