Statements from the winners of the Historic Eb from the podium

június 26, 2021

The 54th Mecsek Rally for Historic riders is over, after completing the 11th sprint, the Italian Zippo-Piceno-Audi Quattro trio was able to stand up onto the top of the podium.

1. “Zippo” – Denis Piceno (Audi Quattro): The race was incredible, I loved it! I really liked today’s first speed stage, but the other tracks too, this place is very nice. The competition was very well organized, we thank the directors for the opportunity. Thanks to the support of my team and my navigator, who have a lot of work to do this weekend.

2. Karl Wagner – Gerda Zauner (Porsche 911): The weekend was very hard. The first speed stage didn’t start well because we started with dry tires in the rain so we lost a lot of time. The competition was tight. Thank you so much to the team, they worked hard over the weekend, without them we wouldn’t be on the podium. Congratulations to Lucio and Zippo! It was a good competition in a beautiful city, thank you to the organizers for the competition too!

3. Lucio Da Zanche – Matteo Nobili (Porsche Carrera SC RS): The fight wasn’t that tight because Zippo was faster and we couldn’t get close to him. We had problems, but I really liked it and really enjoyed the race. I had to keep an eye on the last stage so they wouldn’t get ahead. I’m glad we can stand on the podium!