Rallye1 statements after the seventh stage

június 26, 2021

After seven sprints, Mads Ostberg leads the Mecsek Rally 27.9 seconds ahead of Róbert Bútor. The third Grzyb’s disadvantage is 31.3 seconds. András Hadik is fourth, he is 3.4 seconds away from Grzyb. The Frigyes Turán are the fifth if they want to move forward, they have to be 11.8 seconds faster than the Hadik on the last three speeds.

Unfortunately, the battle of Baranya was over in the RC4 category, the Gergő Szauer drove 6.3 seconds ahead of the Ranga in the fast end of the six, but they hit the car and then the Peugeot started to double-roll, losing a lot, it was even doubtful that they could continue after service.

At the Expo center, the pilots evaluated after the second round on Saturday:

Mads Ostberg-Torstein Eriksen (Citroen C3 Rally2): The Zobákpuszta track is becoming more and more fertile. We are starting to get to know the speed stages, the road is almost completely dry, which also contributes to our better and better results. I feel we are performing well, we are prepared for the last three stages!

Grzegorz Grzyb-Kamil Kozdron (Skoda Fabia Rally2 EVO): This lap was better, we could accelerate, our time was in the first three. I hope we will be even faster in the last lap! The only thing we had a problem at Zobák was that in some places there are more dirt on fast sections so we need to pay more attention. It will be hard for Rob Bútor to catch up in second place, but we won’t give up!

András Hadik-Kertész Krisztián (Ford Fiesta R5 MKII): The car worked well now, I couldn’t go faster. Maybe it’s because I was a bit too cautious and we went with two spare wheels, which made us slower. We are third now, but there are three more speeds.

Velenczei Ádám-Bacigal Igor (Skoda Fabia R5 EVO): This lap was better, it was a better ride by the car, but our pace could be improved. We can’t really get ahead in the evaluation, we don’t want to take risks, we have to reach the goal.

ifj. Ranga László-Budai Annamária (Peugeot 208 Rally4): Árpádtető was very good, we gave three tenths to Gergő, but in Kisvaszar they pulled in and we got quite a lot. I was there with him that I didn’t want to force this, I felt like it would be a hair’s breadth not to fall. Then they hit the car, released us quickly quickly and that ended the battle between the two of us. I’m sorry because it doesn’t feel so good to win, second place in a big match would have been better!

Tamás Gábor-Szőke Német (Peugeot 208 Rally4): We can have a mixed day behind us so far. Some people fell in front of us, we had to stop, call an ambulance. There we will get an average time, which may not be good for one. We also had a fall, waking up right in the morning. The end was good now, we finally enjoyed it. Anyway, we thought we got a puncture in Alsómocsolád, but luckily we only went for a sand dune. But we still have three speeds left and we’ve learned that the end is over!

Róbert Bútor-Róbert Tagai (Citroen C3 WRC): Our racing will get better and better, and what a special pleasure is that the Pécsvárad section was the best, which is the most difficult section. Now we finally rallied in Pécsvárad, it had a feeling, it was a clean, collected, precise performance. I don’t necessarily think it’s good because of the time result, but because of the feeling! I’m starting to get used to the car, now I was driving in Árpádtető rather than the car. I’m constantly learning, now I’m starting to catch the driving trivia I need to be able to go faster. I hope we continue like this!