Historic statements after the fifth stage

június 26, 2021

„Zippo” -Denis Piceno (Audi Quattro): Unfortunately, the shift lever in the car is broken. We hope we can go further, but it is not yet certain that it can be improved. I really enjoyed going down from Árpádtető, the road was slippery, dirty, but it was a dream to go on it. I hope we can continue the race.

Karl Wagner- Gerda Zauner (Porsche 911): The road was wet and slippery, but I was able to go for a good time. I feel like today’s tire choice was better than yesterday’s. There is a bit of a problem with one of the spark plugs, so the engine performance is a bit poorer. We will do our best to make it go well, most of the day is still to come.

Lucio Da Zanche-Matteo Nobili (Porsche Carrera SC RS): It was a very difficult start today because we didn’t put on the right tires. The track was even more slippery than I expected. We hope our performance is better today as the sections dry up. Mechanically, the car works perfectly properly.

Ville Silvasti-Risto Pietilainen (Audi Quattro A2): I’m still learning the car. These sections were better than yesterday. We had a startup problem, so we lost 1.5 minutes, but we have no other problem now.

Vojtech Stajf-Vladimir Zelinka (Opel Kadett C GT / E): It wasn’t an easy morning, the first stage was very slippery, especially at the end, but we were able to swap tires between two stages. We brought too much hard tires, so I spared the medium tires for the next two stages. I feel like we haven’t lost much time. At the last speed, the navigator’s tongue spun a lot, and there were a few moments where we could have gone faster, but didn’t lose position. We are satisfied with the result.

Ferenc Wirtmann- József Kerekes (Ford Escort RS): We wanted to keep the advantage we gained yesterday, it looks like we succeeded. We are still at the head of the Hungarian Championship and Mitropa, we do not deal with the others. Let’s enjoy the day!

Zsolt Kalapács-Kornél Kalapács (Opel Kadett C): I feel like I spoiled all three speed stages. The first stage was still very slippery, I went there too carefully. On the second we spun around and looked into the woods, but luckily there was no damage to the car, we just left a lot of time inside. The Zobák section is a nightmare for me, I don’t like it because of a bad experience. The result is not so bad so far, but I want to accelerate in the next round.